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What is Queerative Writers?

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Welcome to Queerative Writers, a virtual writing workshop series taught by published authors of all backgrounds and genres for LGBTQ+ writers and stories! Courses will run virtually via Zoom in either 6 or 8-week blocks, or be held as a one-time only masterclass.

Write. Discover. Create. Explore.


If writing is a process of discovery, then what are you waiting for? Uncover your creativity.


Everyone has a story, a unique, distinct voice waiting to be unearthed and shared with the world. It might take some time for one to discover how to find and tell their story, and Queerative Writers acts as a vehicle through which writers can explore the infinite possibilities that exist within the realms of their storytelling.


Writing is also an inherently vulnerable act; sharing intimate stories is a show of bravery, and can sometimes feel raw. Opening oneself up to critique can be difficult.


Queerative Writers is an encouraging safe space for aspiring writers to explore honesty and earnestness within their stories.


Through encouragement, positive reinforcement, patience, and a lot of fun, our goal is to leave all writers better than we found them, with the tools needed to jumpstart their writing journeys. 


Virtual        Courses


Choose from a variety of packages, from something more query letter-focused to a full manuscript critique! 



Meet the Founder: Steven Salvatore

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I'm a gay, genderqueer chaos agent, and the critically acclaimed author of "And They Lived…", "Can't Take that Away", and the forthcoming "No Perfect Places: A Novel" (May 30, 2023), and more to be announced soon! I use he/him and they/them fairly interchangeably, depending on my energy.


I'm a college writing professor, Mariah Carey lamb, and Star Wars fanatic who spends most days daydreaming and making up stories. I'm also the co-founder of Pride Book Fest 2021, and I'm represented by literary agent extraordinaire Jess Regel of Helm Literary Agency.


Teaching the craft of writing, the intersection of education and creativity, is my passion. As a college composition professor, I have twelve years of experience teaching writing workshops, creating and implementing accredited college writing courses, as well as leading in LGBTQ+ spaces. Check out my curriculum vitae on the ABOUT page for more.

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