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Have you always wanted to write a book?


Do you have the perfect idea that won't leave you, but you don't know where to start?


Do you need a mentor to help guide you through the process of writing--

from idea generation to planning, drafting, and revising? 

Are you seeking an accountability coach to help reach

your creative goals week after week?

Book coaches are professional writing mentors who are designed to help you to finish the manuscript you've always wanted to finish. We all have a story to tell, but sometimes we don't know where or how to start. It takes discipline, feedback, trial and error, and endless words to get that book written. But it also takes encouragement to meet those goals, and though writing is largely a solitary journey, every writer needs a support system to help you through those hurdles, work through troublesome plot points, hold you accountable to meet deadlines, cheer you on through every scene and chapter, and celebrate with you when you finally type "THE END" (if that's your jam!)

Book coaches are a lot like Yoda: Wise, sage masters of craft, empathetic listeners, supportive readers, objective critique partners, and studied and successful in their field. Book coaches don’t write for you. Rather, they brainstorm with you, read what you’ve written, and offer insights and direction.

Through Queerative Writers, critically acclaimed author and college writing professor Steven Salvatore is the perfect one-on-one book coach to get you started, mentor you through the writing process, and get your manuscript into tip-top shape!

With one-on-one sessions and biweekly meetings, here's a sample of what coaching looks like in practice:


On your own, get started with PowerPoint lessons and writing activities from QW to jumpstart the creative process!


First Session, Week 1:

Brainstorming, idea generation, elevator pitches, author statements, and goal setting.


Second Session, Week 2:

Workshopping your full pitch/summary, character sketches, and 3-Act “outline.”


Biweekly Workshop Sessions, starting 2-3 weeks later at Week 4 guaranteeing 3 months-worth of biweekly sessions, and continuing until you want to stop: 

Workshop 20-30 pages each session with editorial feedback, setting goals for new pages, with inquiries and discussion of plot and character arcs moving forward. In-line comments and editorial letters will be sent to you 24-48 hours prior to workshop session.


Each session will last 45-60 minutes over Zoom, meeting consistently on the same day biweekly after the first sessions, which will be weekly to get you started.

We offer flexible scheduling and global availability


Pricing Breakdown:

  • Free consultation session;

  • $150 total for first two weeks;

  • $300 per month for the first three months, with a three-month minimum commitment, and $150 per session after that if needed;

  • Once you have a manuscript, if you’d like a full editorial critique of your manuscript, that would be an additional charge in line with the packages offered on Queerative Writers. For a standard 300-page manuscript, a flat fee of $399 (no additional charge for pages over 300) with a 30-day turnaround;

  • Free query letter critique




Shepard Verbas,

Director of Programs and Services at The LOFT: LGBTQ Community Center

“LGBTQ+ storytelling is such an essential part of the fabric of our community, but finding your voice and confidence in sharing your story can be challenging. Not only is Steven [Salvatore] just a complete joy to be around, they are also an expert at breaking down the writing process ensuring everyone they're working with feels supported and empowered to push themselves. I've worked with Steven to organize LGBTQ+ creative writing programs for all age ranges, and they are always professional, relatable and get incredible feedback from participants. No matter what level of experience you are, if you are interested in tapping into your inner story and sharing it with the world I would highly recommend Steven's workshops!"

Nicolas DiDomizio, author of Burn It All Down and The Gay Best Friend

"All my manuscripts have been tremendously improved by Steven Salvatore's surgeon-like ability to identify and strengthen the heartbeat of any novel. Everything from flow and structure to plot and character development is addressed with Steven's consistently clear, direct, and actionable feedback. I can't recommend Steven enough for anyone looking to take their writing to the next level!”

Rodello S., 

former workshop student

“Steven’s feedback is supportive, straightforward, and practical, and their teaching style is best described as constructive encouragement. Steven’s workshops will help writers of all levels hone their craft, share their queer voices, and make their visions shine.." 

Harrie Mulé,

former workshop student

"Salvatore provides a welcoming environment to all levels of writers and he has developed tools for writers that will take you from a blank page to a final product.  It’s a very rewarding journey!  Do it!  I highly recommend Salvatore’s class, and I’ll see you there!”

Napoleon V., 

former workshop student

“[Steven Salvatore is] incredibly selfless and supportive, offering valuable feedback to all writers. I have grown immensely as a writer because of them and I am very grateful for how they took the time to read and evaluate my submissions." 

Joe F.,

former workshop student 

"The eight weeks in the memoir workshop […] and the people l've met, have helped me to incorporate my gayness into my life and have made me a happier person. ‘Thank you’ seems like too little for such a gift; however, I know, as a teacher, that ‘thank you’ is a lot. Thank you!"

Michael C.,

former workshop student 

[Steven Salvatore’s] constructive critiques provide helpful ways to improve your writing ability. A clear and concise approach enables the writer to easily absorb his wisdom. Also, a kind approach makes you feel comfortable when submitting personal writing submissions, especially those with LGBT themes. Steven understands the nuances of writing along with ways to improve grammar, punctuation, and spelling. As a published author and instructor, Steven has the experience to back up his talents as a writer.”

Morgan Boecher,

former workshop student and author / illustrator of the graphic novel What's Normal Anyway? 

"Steven is as kind, honest, savvy and encouraging a writing instructor as one could hope for. He guided my writing project for four years, helping me grow it into a complete manuscript I feel confident pitching to agents and publishers. Some of the most meaningful difference he made was building a space where our LGBTQ+ writers’ group felt safe to explore queer, creative expression - and have a blast doing so! "
iconos_queerative_writers_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Kelly C.,

former workshop student 

“Not only did [Steven Salvatore] teach me how to write, but they helped me fall in love with it.”

Meet Steven Salvatore

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He is the critically acclaimed traditionally published author of young adult novels And They Lived…, Can't Take that Away, No Perfect Places: A Novel, the forthcoming "Lemon at First Sight" (May 2025) and his adult romance debut "The Boyfriend Subscription."


Steven has his MFA in creative writing and has been a college writing professor since 2012. He's mentored countless aspiring writers, and has beta read and been a critique partner to many successful traditionally published authors.


Teaching the craft of writing, the intersection of education and creativity, is his passion. As a college composition professor by trade, he has run writing programs writing centers,  taught endless writing workshops, created and implemented accredited college writing courses, as well as taught in leading LGBTQ+ spaces.


Check out his curriculum vitae on the ABOUT page for more.

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Interested in Booking?

In order to book any services, you will need to contact QW, and from there, you will receive specific pricing breakdowns based on your needs as well as payment info in order to book your coaching spot. When you reach out, do so with information about yourself, your project, and what specific service you're interested in. 

Thanks for your inquiry!!

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