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Editorial Services

Let's whip your manuscript into tip-top shape!

  • 399 US dollars

Service Description

*YOU MUST CONTACT US FIRST TO SEE A LIVE BUY LINK* The Query: Are you getting ready to query literary agents? Or maybe you've been querying for a while and your letter needs a refresher. Query letters should be clear, concise, and undeniable pitches for your book. Queerative Writers will help you shine your pitch so that you can rise to the top of the slush pile! Price: $25 with a 7-day turnaround The Opener: The first 10 pages, usually the length of an opening chapter, are key to grabbing a reader's attention. This goes double for a literary agent. You want them to pop and shine! Let us help you serve up an undeniable opener. With this service, Queerative Writers will give you detailed notes on how to improve your first ten pages (or full opening chapter, if it's longer than ten pages). Price: $50 with a 7-day turnaround The Partial: As you dive into the querying trenches, you might find literary agents requesting a "partial" from you. A partial request is a sample of your book that ranges from the first 50 pages of your manuscript, to the first 150 pages, depending on the agent's guidelines and specifications. This service will offer in-line comments and edits on your partial. to make it stand out! Price: $100 for first 50 pages, $199 for 150 pages. Turnaround time varies. The Agent-Ready: PACKAGE 1: THE QUERY + THE OPENER + ZOOM. We'll critique your query AND your first 10 pages/opening chapter to prepare you for sending it off to agents! We will also schedule a 30-minute Zoom to discuss. Price: $85 with a 7-day turnaround. The Agent-Ready: PACKAGE 2: THE QUERY + THE PARTIAL + ZOOM. We'll critique your query AND up to your first 150 pages! We will also schedule a 30-minute Zoom to discuss. Price: $249. Turnaround time varies. The Full-Service: With this package, you get a full developmental editorial letter, line-level feedback on your manuscript using MS-Word's Track Changes function, in-line reactions as well as suggestions, and edits for revision, plus Zoom chat! Contemporary + Romance: $399 for 300 pages, + $1 per page after that. Genre + Fantasy: $449 for 300 pages, + $1 per page after that The Sensitivity Read: Sensitivity reads help when you are writing outside of your expertise or lived experience, want an informed take, or want to write more authentically. This package will provide "big picture" notes/comments relating solely to the specific area(s) in which you are seeking sensitivity reads. Price: $200. Turnaround time varies.

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